Digestive Support

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Digestive Support Supplement

Helps Support a Healthy Digestive System

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STOP GAS, BLOATING & STOMACH DISCOMFORT: These probiotics supplements pills designed by our naturopaths feature multi enzyme ingredients help ease the pain and discomfort caused by diarrhea, anti-bloating, natural gas relief & defense, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), fiber constipation, leaky gut repair & gut cleanse, dairy lactose intolerance and other GI disorder.

PREMIUM DIGESTIVE ENZYME SUPPLEMENTS: start absorbing more nutrients. Our formulation is packed with plant based enzymes for digestion that will help you digest protein, fats, complex carbohydrates, and even plant fiber and gluten support. We have almost triple the amount of enzymes of most supplements.

ENZYMES FOR GLUTEN ALLERGIES, FORMULATED TO STOP GAS, BLOATING RELIEF, INDIGESTION, LACTOSE INTOLERANCE and MORE: Do you have trouble with even simple protein shakes? Our digestive advantage is that each enzyme plays a role in helping discomfort of diarrhea, IBS, bloating, indigestion, and best constipation relief. They’re different symptoms, but they all start with digestive health.

PROBIOTICS SUPPORT PROPER DIGESTION WITH EACH MEAL: Helps digest multiple food groups. As one of the most complete digestive enzyme formulas on the market, our digestive support supplement also contains the probiotics your body may not be getting enough of.

BROAD ENZYME SPECTRUM TO SUPPORT YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Enzymes that help with the digestion of milk sugar in dairy products, of beans, legumes and vegetables, and proteins. These digestive enzymes also help digest carbohydrates (also in plant foods and grains), difficult to digest fiber and grains, plant wall. They also help break down sucrose, fats, fruit and vegetables, phytic acid in nuts and grains. Discover a new ease after lunch breaks, get togethers and during stressful work days.


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